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I have sent an e-mail containing the newest engines through the new mailing list to all the customers, members and donors up to 1st January 2021. If you have purchased anything here since that date or you made a donation in this timelapse and you didn't get this e-mail, please try to look in your spam folder. If you still don't find it, please drop me an e-mail through the Contacts form and I will send you the links. Next engine to update: Stockfish Polyglot.


The best 2021 chess programs:


These are the best and the strongest chess programs ever for sure, there's no Lc0, Komodo or Houdini that can face them. Plus they are completely free.

You need a graphical interfact to make them work, such as Fritz (Windows), the free Arena (Windows and Linux), SCiD or Droidfish (Android). Any of these programs (chess engines) must be installed on said interfaces.


Free downloads:

Stockfish Development Version (External link) Correspondence chess or machines rapid competition - NEW!!
This is just the plain Stockfish in its beta stages. Maybe the strongest and the most frequently updated amongst all these releases but it has not the Android porting.

Honey - Machines rapid competition

CorChess - Correspondence chess or machines rapid competition (updated)

Stockfish Polyglot - Machines rapid competition and analysis (updated)

Raubfisch - Machines rapid competition

BrainLearn - Machines rapid competition

Cfish - Machines rapid competition and analysis

SugaR - Machines rapid competition and correspondence chess


Downloads available for Members, Subscribers and Customers:

- CorChess 2 021021 (Windows, Android, Linux)

- Honey 14 (Windows, Android, Linux)

- Stockfish Polyglot 14 (Windows, Android, Linux)

- Cfish 060821 (Windows, Linux)


Since the Stockfish derivates are now built with large embedded networks the resulting download is bigger. This website uses the Responsible Download Technology® : you can download only the version related to the operating system you are using when browsing here. This was done to prevent waste of bandwidth and people downloading programs just to throwing them in the trash. For the private part of the site the Responsible Download Technology® is disabled, so the downloaders are free to get ALL the programs browsing from any platform)


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September engines tournament completed!

Click here to see the result.