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Free chess engines:


These are the best and the strongest 2020 chess programs. They are totally free.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is required to use them, such as Fritz (Windows), the free Arena (Windows and Linux) or Droidfish (Android): any of these programs (chess engines) must be installed on said interfaces.

How to install these programs on Fritz:


BrainLearn - Machines rapid competition

Stockfish Polyglot - Machines rapid competition
(rated 9.08/10)

CorChess - Correspondence chess or long games
(rated 9/10)

Cfish - Analysis (semi-updated)
(rated 9.02/10)

Brainfish - Machines rapid competition
(rated 9.03/10)

Raubfisch - Machines rapid competition
(rated 9.09/10)


With the change of the engines to NNUE it's crucial to have the requested net and place it in the same folder with them if the net is not embedded in these programs (very large binary).

Android users must type /storage/emulated/0/DroidFish/uci/name_of_the_net.nnue inside the Eval file text box in order to use the neural network.


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