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These are the best 2020 chess programs, they are the strongest ones at the moment and you can download them for free. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is required to use them, such as Fritz (Windows), the free Arena (Windows and Linux) or Droidfish (Android): any of these programs (chess engines) must be installed on said interfaces.


ShashChess NEW!

Stockfish Polyglot - Machines rapid competition and analysis (rated 9.21/10)

SugaR - Machines rapid competition and analysis

CorChess - Correspondence chess or long games (rated 9.02/10)

asmFish - Machines rapid competition (rated 8.54/10)

Cfish - Analysis but obsolete (on machines with many threads Stockfish 11 is better) (rated 9.15/10)

Brainfish - Machines rapid competition (rated 9.17/10)

Raubfisch - Machines rapid competition (rated 8.84/10)

Chess Engines


How to install these program on Fritz:

As you may know, coronavirus COVID-19 made us locked in our houses, hoping that a quarantine will save us. For this reason I won't be able to reach my main computer for a while, because the city in which my home is located is in the very middle of an outbreak. I found refugee at my parents house, but here too seems like another outbreak has just popped out... Please understand, there will be disservices on this website too. One of them is me not being able to make the benchmarks anymore, as they were based on my main computer processors.


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