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Goi 5 chess opening book



WARNING: this is a competition book, not a study one (you'll have 'The Oak' for that purpose).


Goi opening book version 5.1:



February, 13 2018:

I'm releasing a little fix for Goi 5.1 CTG update 3, as I've noticed errors in the lines while playing in the Playchess room and against the latest Vitamin. In the further time I will distribute the fix to all of you customers and subscribers. By the way, I'm not making names but there were customers buying three times the same book while they had the right to get it free... Always check in your spam folder for e-mails having domain and mark it as non spam!! I don't like to use my hotmail account to send you the links and I have to do it with the gmail customers because that fricking mail provider puts e-mails as spam... When you are expecting a mail with the download link or an update always look also in the spam folder, just in case. And if you still don't receive the mail please use the Contacts form in this website letting me know!

February, 6 2018:

So, the time of the final update has arrived. This is the last book/update I will make for a long while.

I've thought this time it would have been easier ("a minor update" I said...) but since I've decided to participate to the SCCT tournament with this book I've made tons of tests and corrections in order to overcome any other main book.

My previous update had gaps in the A28 opening and "weak" lines in the Semi-Slav... For the first issue I've selected some thousands A28 games from powerful Playchess computers, for the second one it was a work with tests and correction of lost games with deep analysis (aka Goi 5 technique) modifying the opening tree, often with my favourite cloud suppliers: ducu7 and night hawk. Both of them are great, ducu7 is the best match between power of processor (48 threads) and price.

It wasn't easy to make best of all the books: sometimes I killed Vitamin but I lost with Power Of South Sumatera, other times I killed Caudine Forks, other times I got killed by Caudine Forks, others again my prototype lost in the Playchess room... it was a big work until I've corrected any error (I hope) and I was able to have a stable Elo score around 2500 on Playchess.

What's more, IM Sergio Duràn Vega on the last minute suggested me a move for the White against the Sicilian Defense that left me impressed... I was mouth and eyes opened as CFish signed advantage for White... then I've decided to rent the night hawk computer and let it analyze that position for 5-10 minutes... Later I've discovered there were other 2 moves good for White, worthing to be marked as green.
This International Master is not only a man with a solid theorical preparation, but he has also smart points of view and suggestions on the economical plan.

I'm very satisfied with this book... Most probably it's the strongest one I've ever made since now. I'm also satisfied because I'm mastering the way to refine/tune/colour/mark the CTG books better and better.

Now I will take a looong pause before to start to build other competitions books, I will focus on other projects, non-chess related and chess related such as The Oak.


Latest benchmarks (February, 5 2019)


Stats (updated to 02/14/19):
Goi 5.1 CTG opening book update 2 statistics


What Goi 5.1 CTG update 3 suggests on the main openings.

(the red moves with ?? means "excluded")



- Goi 5.1 CTG update 3 contains 28.060.290 positions (size: 2 GB)


Goi 5.1 CTG format: price 25$.



The CTG distribution works with any engine possible with the Chessbase softwares (hence the official Stockfish too) and with the Aquarium interface. It can also be used with the Droidfish Android app as opening book. In Arena can only be used as engine book.



You can buy the Goi opening book even if you don't have a Paypal account: you will be redirected to the Paypal webframe interface, just use your normal (or virtual, best advice for internet) credit card. If you are unsure read this article: How to buy on Paypal without creating an account.

--> Delivery time: 1 minute - 8 hours, depending whether I am at my computer or not, please don't push me emailing when you've made the purchase: your order will be processed. <--




How to use the book:

I won't be responsible for an uncorrect use of this book! You must use the following settings on the Chessbase interfaces in order to get its best performances.

Unzip the archive and place the goi5.1.ctb, goi5.1.ctg and goi5.1.cto files into the same directory, then start your Chessbase program, such as Fritz and select the ctg file. Use what is listed below on the 'Advanced' settings of the engine:

- Tick the Tournament book box
- Set Minimum games to 0
- Set Variety of play to the minimum (10 by now)
- Set Influence of learn value to the maximum (100 by now)
- Set Learning strength to the minimum (0 by now)


See the picture below:


ctg best settings



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December, 17 2018:

Goi 5.1 BIN update 1.

Finally I can release the update 1 for the Goi 5.1 BIN book. I have noticed that my book had a weakness on the Semi-Slav opening, so I have refurnished the database of powerful games with that opening and other thousands with black winning. In total it's almost 10.000 games added.


The chess programs used to make Goi 5.1 are: asmFishCP, asmFish, BrainFish, CFish, Raubfisch, Stockfish 9 and Stockfish 10 on both very powerful high-end rented servers and my computer.

Usually the variants have 50-80 plies in depth (so 25-40 moves White + Black). With Goi 5.1 you can reach a very advanced state of the game with a great position, even if you don't have a machine with a powerful processor. It's lines go from the very beginning until sometimes the ending of the game.


- Goi 5.1 BIN contains 10.163.960 positions (size: 154 MB)


goi 5.1 BIN update 1 format: price 13$.


People who has bought Goi 5.1 BIN DOES NOT NEED to purchase this update, they will be updated automatically and totally for free.



The BIN (Polyglot) distribution can be used with the Chessbase softwares with the following engines: Komodo, Houdini, Brainfish, CFish, asmFish, Raubfisch, Toltec, SugaR XPrO. It can be used also in Arena with (I guess) the same engines. It works also on Android with Droidfish. You will find below the instructions on how to use a Polyglot book (BIN) with the mentioned engines.



You can buy the Goi opening book even if you don't have a Paypal account: you will be redirected to the Paypal webframe interface, just use your normal (or virtual, best advice for internet) credit card. If you are unsure read this article: How to buy on Paypal without creating an account.

--> Delivery time: 1 minute - 8 hours, depending whether I am at my computer or not, please don't push me emailing when you've made the purchase: your order will be processed. <--




Special thanks to: Dr. Thomas Zipproth, coffeeone, Streethawk07, BlackQueen, klasman, IM Sergio Durán Vega. Thanks to all the people buying my books and so contributing to this awesome project.



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Goi opening books collection package: size 5 GB, price 80$.


This is the collectors' choice.

What you'll get with this package:

- goi.bin (version 1)

- goi_competitions_edition.bin
- goi_light_edition.bin (version 2)

- goi.bin (version 2.1)

- goi2.2.bin (version 2.2)

- goi2.3.bin (version 2.3)

- goi3.bin (version 3)

- goi 3.1 abk
- goi 3.1 ctg
- goi 3.1 bin (version 3.1)

- goi 3.2 bin
- goi 3.2 ctg (version 3.2)

- goi 4 ctg
- goi 4 bin (version 4)

- goi 4.1 bin
- goi 4.1 ctg (version 4.1)

- goi 4.2 bin
- goi 4.2 ctg (version 4.2)

- goi 4.3 bin, goi 4.3.1 bin
- goi 4.3.1 ctg (version 4.3.1)

- goi 4.4 bin
- goi 4.4 ctg (version 4.4)

- goi 5 bin
- goi 5 abk
- goi 5 ctg (version 5)

- goi 5.1 bin
- goi 5.1 ctg (version 5.1)
- goi 5.1 ctg update 1
- goi 5.1 ctg update 2



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How to install the BIN format on Chessbase softwares:



Tick 'OwnBook' and enter the full path of the file followed by its name plus its extension.
As example: the bin file is in the folder C:\Books → you will have to enter the string C:\Books\goi5.bin

Set the maximum possible of 'BookDepth' (if I recall correctly asmFish has 100, while Raubfisch, Cfish and BrainFish 255).



How to install the BIN format on the Arena GUI interface:





Openings and variants included in the book, sorted by the ECO index:


Tartakowers Flank Opening, Basman, Saragossa, Anderssen, Mieses Opening, French Attack, Grob's Attack, King's Indian Attack, Sleipner, Sokolsky Opening, Larsen Opening, Bird Opening, Queen's Fianchetto, Double Bird, King's Fianchetto, Sicilian-Bird, From's Gambit, Indo Bird, Dutch Attack, Leningrad Attack, Stonewall Attack, Grunfeld Indian Attack, Reti Opening, Accepted Reti, Benoni with White, Queen's Indian Attack, Reti-Slav, Unusual 3nd White, Mikenas - System, English, English Four Knights, Symmetrical English, Hedgehog, St. George/Basman, Owens Defence, Nimzowitsch, Scandinavian Defence, Modern Defence, Alekhine's Defence, Alekhine's Defence Chase Variation, Alekhine's Defence Modern Variation, Robatsch Modern Defence, Pirc Defence, Pirc Defence Czech Variation, Pirc Defence Fianchetto Variation, Pirc Defence Classical Variation, Pirc Defence Austrian Attack, Caro-Kann, Caro-Kann Exchange Variation, Caro-Kann Panov Variation, Caro-Kann Main Line, Caro-Kann Larsen-Bronstein, Caro-Kann Nimzowitsch, Caro-Kann Classical Variation, French Defense, French Defense Exchange Variation, French Defense Advance Variation, French Defense Tarrasch Variation, French Defense Classical Variation, French Defense Burn Variation, French Defense Classical Main Line, King's Gambit, King's Knight Games, The Petroff Defence, The Scotch Game, Three Knights Game, Spanish Four Knight Game, Giuoco Pianissimo, Closed Defence, The Classical Polerio Variation, Spanish (Ruy Lopez), Spanish Schliemann Variation, Spanish Classical Variation, Spanish Exchange Variation, Open Spanish, Closed Spanish, Spanish Main Line, Spanish Modern Chigorin Defence, Sicilian, Sicilian Grand Prix Attack, Sicilian Morra Gambit, Sicilian Alapin Variation, The Closed Sicilian, Sicilian Vinken Variation, Sicilian Spassky, Sicilian Classical Variation, Sicilian Rossolimo, Sicilian Accellerated Dragon, Sicilian Maroczy Bind, Sicilian Pelican Sveshnikov, Kan Variation, Taimanov, Dutch Defence, Dutch Defence Staunton Gambit, Dutch Defence Rubinstein, Dutch Defence Leningrad Variation, Moscow Variation, Sozin, Boleslavsky, Richter/Rauzer, The Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, Scheveningen, Keres Attack, Najdorf, Englung Gambit, Polish Defence, Nimzowitsch, French Indian, Tartakower System, Benoni, Blacmar-Diemer Gambit, Trompowsky Attack, Queen's Knight Opening, King's Knight's Openings, Queen's Bishop Openings, Torre System, Colle System, Queen's Gambit, The Slav, Queen's Gambit Accepted, Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch Defence, Ragozin Variation, Semi-Tarrasch, Semi-Slav, Orthodox Variation, Indian Opening, Indian Opening Trompowsky Attack, Dory Opening, Old Indian Knight Game, Indian Knight Game, Queen's Indian Knight Game, King's Indian Knight Game, Torre Attack, London System, Fianchetto Variation, Budapest Gambit, Old Indian, Modern Benoni, Blumenfeld Gambit, Bogo-Indian, Nimzo-Indian, Neo-Saemisch, Kasparov Variation, Three Knights Variation, Spielmann, Saemisch Variation, Leningrad Variation, Alekhime/Euwe/Botvinnik, Zurich Variation, Noa Variation, Pirc Variation, Rubinstein Variation, Taimanov Variation, Huebner Variation, Grunfeld Defence, Russian System Accellerated, Smyslov's System, Full Center Satup, Accellerated Averbakh, The Kramer System, Makagonov System, Panno Variation