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Goi 6 opening book



May, 12 2019: I want to specify something about Goi 6: this is NOT a book for studying, this is a competition book, hence you will often see this kind of odd (and theorically wrong) annotations:

I had to do this because it's the only way to trick Fritz to force that particular move, otherwise there will be a possibility that it will make other moves, making you losing the game. Chessbase should get rid of this issue. If you want a theory book in some day you will be able to preorder The Oak, as soon as the official Goi 6 will be released. There is a message for the subscribers too: once I will release the official Goi 6 you will get it immediately, too many months have been passed without me giving you anything. This worths only for the subscribers covering the period of the month of Avril.






May, 14 2019 - 06:57 PM: Goi 6 Beta 3 is completed, finally I can release the book.

This stressed me to death, as usual... In the further hours or tomorrow I will start the delivering for those who preordered.

I think we are quite near to the official release.


Supported format: CTG, BIN, ABK.


The ones who preorders will have the right to get the beta version plus the official Goi 6 opening book.



Price 15$ preorder now




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