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Editor's choice: best engine for chess analysis.


Cfish: Updated February, 19 2019


For Windows, Linux and MacOS (this last one is experimental, please let me know whether it works or not)


- Changelog: Updated to "Change outposts to single value".


CFish, a port of Stockfish written in plain C by Ronald de Man, first published on GitHub in July 2016. Possibly inspired by the asmFish project to speed up Stockfish using a programming language closer to the machine, the purpose of CFish is to explore possible optimization issues of C versus C++ compilers.


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21/01/19 poll average perc.: 8.9.




Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.


Why choosing Cfish for chess analysis:


I've compared this Cfish to the latest Raubfisch in the Queen's Pawn Game with Nf3 (1.d4 d5 2.Nf3), Raubfisch gives a slightly negative value (wrong), both with Stage 1 and Stage 2 of setting, while Cfish gives a more realistic value, even compared to the Chessbase LiveBook: a slightly advantage for white (0.14) and advicing the correct move 2.Nf6.

Often engines like Raubfish or the original Stockfish give wrong evaluation on the first moves and are very unstable, while Cfish has the advantage to be more elastic in analysis and to be more coherent, even in average computer: changing the main move while it goes forth in deep search instead of just standing still on a move like the first two do the 95% of time, quite frustrating!

Evaluation between Cfish and Raubfisch Stage 1.

Evaluation between Raubfisch Stage 2 and the Chessbase LiveBook. fixed!

For the lines correction in my book I've almost only used Cfish on my computer, while with the big mainframes I've used asmFish: it behaved in the same way than Cfish on those machines but on my computer it acted in the same way of Raubfisch and Stockfish... strange! The only other chess engine who can analyse in a decent way the opening moves is Komodo 12.3.


This edition includes:


- Cfish 2019-02-19 32.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 32_general.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 32_old.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 32_popc.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64_bmi2.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64_general.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64_modern.exe
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64_popc.exe


- Cfish 2019-02-19 32
- Cfish 2019-02-19 32 general
- Cfish 2019-02-19 32 old
- Cfish 2019-02-19 32 popc
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 bmi2
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 general
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 modern
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 popc

macOS (experimental, please write me if it doesn't work):

- Cfish 2019-02-19 64
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 bmi2
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 general
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 modern
- Cfish 2019-02-19 64 popc


syzygy1's GitHub page.


Cfish 2019-02-19 64 GENERAL single processor benchmark:



Cfish 2019-02-19 32 GENERAL single processor benchmark: