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#10-20-2018: BACK AT HOME!




This is my workstation, the place in which all the work of this website was born. I missed this 30 kilograms big guy!

It's full night here and I'm in a warm, comfortable pijama, drinking a warm expresso coffee, ready to work and make all the deliveries/engines updates, ready to answer to all the routine e-mails, et cetera. This pause has restored me alot. Maybe for Christmas I will make a gift to myself and buy the i9-9900K CPU, firing the performances to the sky... All depends on the website sales.

Expect a new Stockfish Polyglot release today. These days I will make also an update to Goi 5.1 BIN, free for all those who purchased it, and the new book Goi 5.1 CTG. As I've mentioned, this will be the last ctg version I will make unless the minimum of 10 preorders will be made via e-mail.

I'm strictly following what is happening these days on the "competitor" website MZChess, that place is full of resources and very advanced things but, most of all, it's the place where my book is being tested by fantasmitadel50, a subscriber here who revealed to be a very talented tester. I have also to mention the new, astonishing, Counterply's new website, the father of the new asmFish (also known as asmFishCP): he has incredibly embedded his Polyglot Medulla opening book to his website in a very fashionable way using css and jquery, so that anyone can go there and consult the openings and what are the best moves for a variant just by browsing the book online! The system is also equipped of the name of all the openings. What a piece of web Art! I'm very impatient to test my Goi 5.1 BIN against his new Medulla.



"Chess is like machines and death: they just don't care who you are, what country, ethnicity, religion or political belief you belong, if one is a criminal or not, so this site." - Massimiliano Goi



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