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Goi Database

Number 6, last update: June, 26 2021.


June, 26 2021: 921.601 games

Previous update: January, 26 2021: 921.601 games



The database is made by several parts: mainly we have the games played in private tests, then the machine games ran on matches and tournaments. High quality selected games, most probably the best ones can find on Internet. The database includes a free bonus I use to enrich my book.

Any database was cleaned from clone games (same players + same moves + same date/time) and it was sorted by date in a descending order, so you can find the best games for first.

Each database has a pgn copy for consultation with any chess analysis software.

In the Statistics folder you can find which opening is more used (basing on the ECO codes), the year of play, the average [machine Elo*] and the rate for win/loss/draw.

* = the machine Elo score is DIFFERENT than the human Elo. A 2500 machine Elo engine could have 3600-3700 human Elo score.



- MyTests: 66.430 games (previous update 65.039 games)
- Playchess: 1.014.890 games (previous update 718.749 games)
- Server: 7153 games



- Infinitychess: 31.998 games
- SCCT: 120.562 games (previous update 90.914 games)
- Various: 17.669 games (previous update 7.748 games)

Total: 1.258.702 games, archive sized 11 GB.




Here you can find a free sample of my database of 10.000 games.


You can buy the Goi chess games database even if you don't have a Paypal account: you will be redirected to the Paypal webframe interface, just use your normal (or virtual, best advice for internet) credit card. If you are unsure read this article: How to buy on Paypal without creating an account.