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Goi chess games database:



- Mines archive (05-18-19): 56.756 games

- Top computer players archive (05-18-19): 4.712 games

- Playchess tournaments archive (05-18-19): 85.167 games


Now we are at 56.756 high quality games, subdivided by Intel i7-4771 quad-core and Dual-Xeon E7-4870 80 threads, time 1 minute per player, time 3 minutes per player and time 5 minutes per player. It's mostly made by Stockfish-derived engines (the greatest part by asmFish, Brainfish and CFish, stronger than the original Stockfish).

For people interested in chess analysis, like Grand Masters, or bookmakers. The Goi Database costs 25$.

In addition you will get 4.712 games from top computer players and 85.167 Playchess games for free.


This database is an environment where variants are 99% correct, more than any other human-made top GMs book, more than any other database you will find on Internet. It comes in CBH format and PGN. To the ones buying this product updates are reserved.


Here you can find a free sample of my database of 7536 games.


You can buy the Goi chess games database even if you don't have a Paypal account: you will be redirected to the Paypal webframe interface, just use your normal (or virtual, best advice for internet) credit card. If you are unsure read this article: How to buy on Paypal without creating an account.




Goi chess games database, CBH format + PGN: size 394 MB, price 25$.






Goi archive:

Goi chess games database



Top players chess games database:

Top computer players chess games database



Playchess database:

Playchess database




About the Goi 5 Database, some technical explanation.

(Be aware: very long and technical/boring video! But it explains everything)