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BrainLearn: Updated September, 1 2020


For Windows and Linux, NO ANDROID OR MACOS!


Take a look at the benchmark tests below and notice how these new NNUE executables have dramatically slowed down in completing the benchmark tests. Many have complained about the reduction in kylonodes per second of these new engines but this doesn't affect the performances, as we all have seen recently with this hike of elo points.


This is a piece of software, to me actually it's the best choices for pc gaming because of its strength and stability; never tried analysis.

In this package you will find both the neural network and the bin experience file of the games I did, I warmly advice to use them both when you try this fabulous engine.


BrainLearn download


Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.


BrainLearn is a free, powerful UCI chess engine by Andrea Manzo derived from BrainFish ( with the ability to use "learned" patterns stored in an "experience" file. The "learning" algorhitms simulates somewhat the neural networks learning functions. BrainLearn can also use an online Live Book.


survey solutions





- BrainLearn10-general-32.exe
- BrainLearn10-general-64.exe
- BrainLearn10-x86-32-old.exe
- BrainLearn10-x86-32.exe
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-avx2.exe especially designed for AMD processors
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-bmi2.exe especially designed for Intel processors
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-modern.exe
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-sse3-popcnt.exe
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-sse41-popcnt.exe
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-ssse3.exe
- BrainLearn10-x86-64.exe



- BrainLearn10-general-32
- BrainLearn10-general-64
- BrainLearn10-x86-32
- BrainLearn10-x86-32-old
- BrainLearn10-x86-64
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-avx2 especially designed for AMD processors
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-avx512 especially designed for AMD processors
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-bmi2 especially designed for Intel processors
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-modern
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-sse3-popcnt
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-sse41-popcnt
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-ssse3
- BrainLearn10-x86-64-vnni


I've compiled BrainLearn for Windows and Linux, except for the 32bit version of Linux.


BrainLearn GitHub page.


BrainLearn10-x86-64.exe single processor benchmark:



Windows\BrainLearn10-x86-32.exe single processor benchmark: