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BrainLearn: Updated November, 17 2020


For Windows and Linux, NO ANDROID, NO MACOS!


These are the original binaries with the add of an my updated experience.bin file. An attempt to compile BrainLearn for Android has been made by removing the lcurl cod but it failed due to the not writing on the experience.bin file (I don't know why).

I waited so long to publish this version because I saw it crashes on Playchess several times, but with the last interface update it does it anymore so it's time to put it online here.


Since the Stockfish derivates are now built with large embedded networks (except Cfish and CorChess) the resulting download is bigger. This website uses the Responsible Download technology: you can download only the version related to the operating system you are using when browsing here. This was done to prevent waste of bandwidth and people downloading programs just to throwing in the trash.


BrainLearn 12.1 Windows.


BrainLearn 12.1 Linux.


Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.


BrainLearn is a free, powerful UCI chess engine by Kelly Kiniama and Andrea Manzo derived from BrainFish ( with the ability to use "learned" patterns stored in an "experience" file. The "learning" algorhitms simulates somewhat the neural networks learning functions. BrainLearn can also use an online Live Book.


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- BrainLearn12.1-general-32.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-general-64.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-32-old.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-32.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-avx2.exe especially designed for AMD processors
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-bmi2.exe especially designed for Intel processors
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-modern.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-sse3-popcnt.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-sse41-popcnt.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-ssse3.exe
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64.exe



- BrainLearn12.1-general-32
- BrainLearn12.1-general-64
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-32-old
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-32
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-avx2 especially designed for AMD processors
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-bmi2 especially designed for Intel processors
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-modern
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-sse3-popcnt
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-sse41-popcnt
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64-ssse3
- BrainLearn12.1-x86-64


BrainLearn GitHub page.


BrainLearn12.1-x86-64.exe single processor benchmark:



BrainLearn12.1-x86-32.exe single processor benchmark: