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Syzygy tablebases for ending games:


How to install the Syzygy tablebases on Fritz and other Chessbase products

How to install the Syzygy tablebases on Chessbase program such as Fritz, Komodo and others. Step by step tutorial.


How to install the Syzygy Tablebases on Droidfish

How to install the Syzygy tablebases on Droidfish for Android. Step by step tutorial.


Syzygy tablebases are the latest and most reliable resource to enhance the speed and the computing precision of the endgames. In order to use them you must have a recent Chessbase chess program, the Droidfish app for android or the free Arena GUI.
These databases are subdivided in two parts: the Syzygy for game endings up to 5 pieces, sized circa 1 GB, and the Syzygy for 6 pieces, subdivided in WDL (the main part, size 68.3 GB) and DTZ (checking the 50 moves rule, size 81.9 GB); total 150 GB.
EVERY tablebases, whether is the 3-4-5 pieces or the 6 pieces, must be run on a VERY FAST storage, like an SSD drive or an USB pen. The essential one is the 3-4-5 pieces database, so you can just buy an USB pen if you don't want or can't spend money to buy an expensive device like an SSD drive.
The fundamental part, both for mobiles and PCS is the 3-4-5 archive (direct link below), because of its relative light size it can be hosted on a clouding storage or even a website. Different facts are for the 6 MAN Syzygy (6 MAN = 6 pieces DTZ + WDL), being sized 150 GB you must download it by installing a torrent client (be aware of the unwanted programs they are asking at the installation process). The one I feel to suggest is Bittorrent.


Download here the 3-4-5 pieces Syzygy tablebases.


Download here the 6 pieces torrent archive (extract the files from the zip archive then use a torrent software to download the tablebases).


Installation instructions: