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Goi chess games database:



Goi 5 chess opening book



It was asked to me but I was reluctant because I preferred to keep my lines secret, of course, but here you go: if you really want ALL my lines with which I make the Goi book you can buy them. It's a more than 44.000 very powerful games database 35.000 very powerful games database (see the video below for the complete explanation of this), mostly built by 80 cores machines and my Haswell computer, of course. It costs 100$: I put a high price because it will prevent others to have my lines but at the same times it virtually allows anyone to have all of them, at a reasonable price of course; with the money gained from this database selling I will order alot of lines more, so why not?

This database can be used for studying in an environment where variants are 99.9% correct, more than any other human-made top GMs counterpart, and for weighting the CTG books with the learning function on the Chessbase products (Fritz, Houdini, Komodo, et cetera).


You can buy the Goi chess games database even if you don't have a Paypal account: you will be redirected to the Paypal webframe interface, just use your normal (or virtual, best advice for internet) credit card. If you are unsure read this article: How to buy on Paypal without creating an account.

--> Delivery time: 1 minute - 8 hours, depending whether I am at my computer or not, please don't push me emailing when you've made the purchase: your order will be processed. <--




Goi chess games database, CBH format + PGN: size 318 MB, price 100$.





About the Goi 5 Database, some technical explanation. (Be aware: very long and technical/boring video! But it explains everything)