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Goi The Oak

Last update: October, 16 2020.


The Oak chess theorical opening book



October, 16 2020: The TCEC 19 games have been added.


October, 11 2020: Fixed the main lines of the English Opening, the Sicilian Defense and included all the 2019-2020 > 2700 Elo players games, Magnus Carlsen Tournament 2020 and Altibox Norway Chess included.


The actual prototype of Goi The Oak is in CTG format, it has 36.645.973 positions and it's sized 2.65 GB. You can preorder the book for $20 and get the actual third and last draft. Please notice that Goi The Oak now is only a draft, hence with possible errors and incomplete. The preorderers are betatesters and if you get it now you should write me back explicating the evenctual theorical errors you have found.

This book is not for competitions because it was designed only for studying purposes.


Goi The Oak

Positions: 36.645.973

Size: 2.65 GB

Price: 20$






Annotations legenda:

- ! = Good move
- !? = Interesting move
- ?! = Dubious move
- ? = Positional mistake
- ?? = Clear error
- N = Novelty

See here for the complete list.


Colors legenda:

- Green = adviced move
- Black = accepted move
- Blue move with !? = interesting move you can do
- Blue move with ?! = Dubious move you should avoid
- Red = move to avoid

It's important to understand and memorize the difference between !? and ?!.


The moves was weighted and marked by me with the Fritz and Chessbase functions, taking inspirations by othe notorious books and databases, like HiarcsBook and Chessbase MegaDatabase.

To create this book I used the largest database I've ever had: dozens millions games, everything I can grab from the Internet.


The Oak will be made approximately by:

  • - 10%: > 2500 human players games
  • - 90%: machines games


Format: CTG (Fritz, Chessbase).