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Player's profile


With Player's profile you can have the whole career of a top player, from his early beginning with a competition chessboard to his professional nowaday moves. All enriched by a complete biography and a study of his playing style: opening, middle game and ending.

Accompaigned to the games database and a multiplatform PDF biographical file, you will have also a CTG or ABK opening book created with the games of your chosen chess master. The CTG will also be coloured depending on the player's wins and lost and it will be marked depending on the games annotations.


Price: 20$ per player.



When you have placed the order e-mail me through the Contacts section providing a valid e-mail address and specifying for which player you want the profile be made.



- Example

Wesley So's statistics:

Wesley So's statistics 1


Wesley So's statistics 2


Wesley So's statistics 3