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Upcoming project: The Oak






The Oak is an upcoming project making part of the Goi books, it's made for learning, oppositely to its competition counterpart.

Just like a very old oak it will have a very solid and big base with big main branches made by millions games but the base of the trunk won't be so tall. In other words you will have the solidity of an opening book with the best choices for all the openings but the plies will reach only up to the 20th move, since the human mind cannot store a very large amount of variants.

The moves will be weighted and commented by me with the Fritz and Chessbase functions, plus they will be also commented, reviewed and theorically analysed by the International Master Sergio DurĂ n Vega. The most interesting part is the database with which I plan to make this book: I will use the largest database I've ever had, with dozens of millions games, everything I can grab from the Internet.


The Oak will be made approximately by:

  • - 10%: > 2500 human players games
  • - 90%: machines games


Expected formats: CTG (Fritz, Chessbase) and ABK (Arena).