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SugaR: Updated November, 6 2019


For Windows and Linux.



- Changelog: Changelog: SugaR-NN updated to November 4, 2019, in particular: changes.


This version is quite impressive in speed:

SugaR NN 061119 depth

this was reached in the ending phase of a game. I hope such speed doesn't come with the price of avoiding some important branch... Anyway, tried today the x64 (not bmi2) version, I was amazed how it made draw in a disadvantaged position against Exxon.


[White "Exxon, NazFish 051119 64 B"]
[Black "Maxath, SugaR-NN 061119 64"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo "2546"]
[BlackElo "2472"]
[EventDate "2019.11.06"]
1.a3 e5 2.c4 Nc6 3.e3 Nge7 4.b4 d5 5.cxd5 Nxd5 6.Qc2 Bd6 7.Bb2 f5 8.Nf3 Qe7 9.d3 a5 10.b5 Nd8 11.g3 Bd7 12.Nc3 Nxc3 13.Qxc3 Nf7 14.d4 e4 15.Ne5 Bxe5 16.dxe5 Be6 17.Be2 O-O 18.Rc1 Rfc8 19.Qc5 Qe8 20.h4 Nd8 21.O-O b6 22. Qd4 a4 23.Qb4 Kh8 24.g4 Nb7 25.f4 Nc5 26.gxf5 Bxf5 27.Rf2 Rd8 28.Rg2 Rd7 29.Rxc5 bxc5 30.Qxc5 Be6 31.Bd4 Rad8 32.h5 h6 33.Qc6 Kg8 34.Rg6 Bf5 35.Rg3 Kh7 36.Qc5 Be6 37.Rg6 Qf7 38.Qc6 Re7 39.Qc1 Bf5 40.Rc6 Rdd7 41.Kf2 Re6 42. Ra6 Qe7 43.Kg3 g5 44.hxg6+ Rxg6+ 45.Rxg6 Kxg6 46.Qc6+ Qe6 47.Qa6 Kh7 48. Qxe6 Bxe6 49.Bd1 Rg7+ 50.Kh2 Bb3 51.Be2 Rg8 52.b6 cxb6 53.Bb5 Be6 54.Bc6 Bf5 55.e6 Kg6 56.e7 Kf7 57.e8=Q+ Rxe8 58.Bxe8+ Kxe8 59.Bxb6 Kf7 60.Kg3 Kg6 61.Kh4 Bd7 62.Bd4 h5 63.Be5 Bf5 64.Bd4 Bd7 65.Be5 Be6 66.Bc7 Bg4 67.Bd8 Be6 68.Bb6 Bg4 69.Bc5 Kh6 70.Bd4 Kg6 71.Bb6 Bd1 72.Bd4 Be2 73.Kg3 Bg4 74. Be5 Kf5 75.Kh4 Be2 76.Bg7 Kg6 77.Be5 Kf5 78.Bc3 Bd1 79.Ba1 Bf3 80.Bd4 Be2 81.Be5 Bg4 82.Bd4 Kg6 83.Bc5 Be6 84.Be7 Bg4 85.Bd6 Be6 86.Be5 Bg4 87.Bd6 Bd7 88.Kg3 Bg4 89.Be5 Bf3 90.Bc3 Be2 91.Be5 Bf3 92.Ba1 Bg4 93.Bd4 Kf5 94. Bc3 Kg6 95.Bd4 Be2 96.Bc5 Kf5 97.Bb4 Kg6 98.Be7 Kf5 99.Kf2 Bf3 100.Kg3 Bd1 101.Bd6 Be2 102.Bb4 Kg6 103.Bc3 Bg4 104.Ba5 Be6 105.Bb4 Kf5 106.Kh4 Kg6 107.Be7 Bf7 108.Bd8 Kf5 109.Bc7 Kf6 110.Be5+ Kg6 111.Bd6 Be8 112.Be7 Bb5 1/2-1/2.

Yes, I know that the opening 1.a3 is very weak, but there was a moment in which the Black (myself) was in disadvantage and I thought I had lost the game... SugaR instead recoverend and lead to a draw.


SugaR is a free UCI chess engine derived from Stockfish made by Marco Zerbinati under the GPL license.

This version of SugaR supports up to 128 cores; the engine can use two parallel BIN books (original code by Thomas Zipproth).




Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.


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Looks like the Readme of the official SugaR GitHub is obsolete, as I am still reading of three .bin files, while this release shold store everything into a file called 'experience.bin'. I advice the author to correct this, if it's true.

This edition includes:


- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit_general.exe for general 32-bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit_old.exe for old computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit_ppc-32.exe for 32bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit.exe for standard 32bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_bmi2.exe for Haswell CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_general.exe for general 64bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_modern.exe for modern computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_ppc-64.exe for 64bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64.exe for standard 64-bit CPUs



- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit_general for general 32-bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit_old for old computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit_ppc-32 for 32bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit for standard 32bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_bmi2 for Haswell CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_general for general 64bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_modern for modern computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64_ppc-64 for 64bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64 for standard 64-bit CPUs


SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_x64 single processor benchmark:



SugaR-NN_2019-11-06_32bit single processor benchmark:



SugaR-NN GitHub page.