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SugaR: Updated September, 19 2019


For Windows and Linux.



- Changelog: this distribution is a compiling of SugaR-NN dated September 14, 2019 - SugaR-NN 140919.


The author said that this engine is designed for analysis, I've tried it and I must say it's working very good.


SugaR is a free UCI chess engine derived from Stockfish made by Marco Zerbinati under the GPL license.

This version of SugaR supports up to 128 cores; the engine can use two parallel BIN books (original code by Thomas Zipproth) and has a Self Learning function implemented.




Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.


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This edition includes:


- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_32bit_general.exe for general 32-bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_32bit_old.exe for old computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_32bit_ppc-32.exe for 32bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_32bit.exe for standard 32bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_x64_bmi2.exe for Haswell CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_x64_general.exe for general 64bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_x64_modern.exe for modern computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_x64_ppc-64.exe for 64bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-18_x64.exe for standard 64-bit CPUs



- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_32bit_general for general 32-bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_32bit_old for old computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_32bit_ppc-32 for 32bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_32bit for standard 32bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_x64_bmi2 for Haswell CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_x64_general for general 64bit CPUs
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_x64_modern for modern computers
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_x64_ppc-64 for 64bit power pc
- SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_x64 for standard 64-bit CPUs


SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_x64 single processor benchmark:



SugaR-NN_2019-09-19_32bit single processor benchmark:



SugaR-NN GitHub page.