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Stockfish Polyglot: Updated Avril, 15 2019


For Windows only until future updates.

This distribution is the expansion of Stockfish beta having timestamp: 1555168667 - Remove two useless assignments (#2093).

- The bug on the UCI interface regarding the number of threads has been corrected (thanks to the user "engine ratings").
- The bug of the OwnBook checkbox not active has been corrected.

The value max_threads = std::thread::hardware_concurrency(); has been added to ucioption.cpp so that the engine settings dialog box is set by default with the maximum number of threads. This modification has been made by me being inspired by the Raubfisch default settings.

Avril, 14 2019: Source code on GitHub updated

Stockfish Polyglot is none but the very own Stockfish with the only addition of the possibility to use Polyglot (.bin) books. In order to do that I used the library polybook.h from Brainfish and merged with the Stockfish code. This new update features the 'OwnBook' checkbox as requested, so that you can easily switch from the Polyglot book to the local CTG book (Chessbase softwares) or ABK book (Arena GUI). I've wandered through GitHub to recover the 'OwnBook' checkbox code (it needed just two mere rows..), luckily I've managed to find it and extract the part I needed to use.

This distribution is enhanced by the pgo-build option.

Stockfish Polyglot comes with almost any architecture available, hence also for old 32bit operating systems like Windows XP, old machines, 64bit systems, standard machines, modern machines and power computers. It runs on Windows only this time. I AM SEARCHING FOR SOMEONE TEACHING ME HOW TO COMPILE IT FOR ANDROID OR MACOS, THANK YOU.



Stockfish Polyglot latest downloadStockfish Polyglot latest download


Stockfish Polyglot 10 downloadStockfish Polyglot 10 download



Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.



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21/01/19 poll average perc.: 9.2.


Binaries of the latest version:


- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_32bit.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_32bit_general.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_32bit_old.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_32bit_popc.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_x64.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_x64_bmi2.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_x64_general.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_x64_modern.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_x64_popc.exe


Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_x64.exe single processor benchmark:



Stockfish_Polyglot_2019-04-15_32bit.exe single processor benchmark: