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Updated December, 16 2018


Same version than before, added binaries for MacOS.


In this new beta version (NOT IN STOCKFISH 10!) the syntax has been changed, so I had to do something more than add the polybook Brainfish library: a very little adjustment on the syntax was needed, in particular castlingRights[Us] = pos.castling_rights(Us); has been changed with castlingRights[Us] = pos.can_castle(Us); in the file pawns.cpp and score -= (TrappedRook - make_score(mob * 22, 0)) * (1 + !pos.castling_rights(Us)); has been changed with score -= (TrappedRook - make_score(mob * 22, 0)) * (1 + !pos.can_castle(Us)); in the file evaluate.cpp.

I've started experimenting by "transplanting" files from the Brainfish source to the original Stockfish... at the end it worked, but I felt it was too "Brainfish" instead of Stockfish... the bitboard.cpp file in the new Stockfish beta distribution is completely different... So I though to procede by keeping the original Stockfish files and examinating the compiler errors in search only for dependencies and I've ended up with these two changes above. That worked... don't ask me why, but it did.

Of course there are the routine changes in the following files:
- search.cpp
- main.cpp
- misc.cpp
- ucioption.cpp

so that Stockfish can read Polyglot (.bin) books; in no way the computation algorythms were changed, otherwise I would have created another engine and this is not the purpose of this project. I only want the most modern Stockfish reading bin books, period.

This latest update (not the Stockfish 10 one) is experimental, so you agree by downloading it to handle with software that could not behave like you expect, since I precisely don't know how the changes I have made can affect the program, but I have tested it a few on the Playchess room and I must say it was quite good. You can still download the original Stockfish Polyglot 10, though.


Stockfish Polyglot is none but the very own Stockfish with the only addition of the possibility to use Polyglot (.bin) books. In order to do that I used the library polybook.h from Brainfish and merged with the Stockfish code. This new update features the 'OwnBook' checkbox as requested, so that you can easily switch from the Polyglot book to the local CTG book (Chessbase softwares) or ABK book (Arena GUI). I've wandered through GitHub to recover the 'OwnBook' checkbox code (it needed just two mere rows..), luckily I've managed to find it and extract the part I needed to use.

This distribution is enhanced by the pgo-build option.

Stockfish Polyglot comes with almost any architecture available, hence also for old 32bit operating systems like Windows XP, old machines, 64bit systems, standard machines, modern machines and power computers. It runs on both Windows, Linux and MacOS. NOT YET FOR ANDROID, IF SOMEONE CAN COMPILE THIS SOFTWARE FOR THESE TWO SYSTEMS PLEASE WRITE ME CLICKING 'CONTACTS' ABOVE.


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Stockfish Polyglot latest downloadStockfish Polyglot latest download


Stockfish Polyglot 10 downloadStockfish Polyglot 10 download



Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.




- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit_general.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit_old.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit_popc.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_bmi2.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_general.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_modern.exe
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_popc.exe


- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit_general
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit_old
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit_popc
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_bmi2
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_general
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_modern
- Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64_popc



Stockfish GitHub page.


Brainfish source code.


MacOS binaries kindly offered by Heinrich Tillach, GitHub page:


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Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_x64.exe single processor benchmark:



Stockfish_Polyglot_2018-12-13_32bit.exe single processor benchmark: