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Stockfish Polyglot: Updated October, 6 2020

Beta version for Windows, Android 64bit and Linux, NO ANDROID 32BIT OR MACOS!

- Changelog: Include pawns in NNUE scaling.


Added the 64bit version for Android.

Windows executables compiled with MSYS2, Linux binaries with GCC on Linux Mint, Android binary with NDK on Linux Mint.





Stockfish Polyglot 12 download     Windows 64bit.


Stockfish Polyglot 12 download     Windows 32bit.


Stockfish Polyglot 12 download     Android.


Stockfish Polyglot 12 download     Linux 64bit.


Stockfish Polyglot 12 download     Linux 32bit.



Maximize its performance by getting the Goi book.


This chess engine can read up to four Polyglot books.

New Stockfish Polyglot up to four books


September, 3 2020: The source code on GitHub has been updated: Stockfish Polyglot GitHub.


Windows and Linux compiles are enhanced by the pgo-build option. Stockfish Polyglot automatically detects your maximum number of threads and set it as default value in the UCI settings.

Stockfish Polyglot comes with almost any available architecture, hence also for old 32bit operating systems like Windows XP, old machines, 64bit systems, standard machines, modern machines and power computers. It runs on Windows, Android and Linux, BMI2 and AVX2 support included.


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04/10/19 poll average vote: 9.21.



Stockfish Polyglot 031020 x64.exe single processor benchmark:


Stockfish Polyglot 031020 32bit.exe single processor benchmark: