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Raubfisch: Updated September, 14 2019
Only for Windows.



Very, very fast release this one, completing the bench in only 1333 milliseconds (X_sl variant).

The readme file of this new Raubfisch mentions about some file "openings.bin"... I've played both without and with opening book but no such file was created... Maybe Amenophis referred to the Polyglot opening books that Raubfisch autodetects if in the same folder of the program, I don't know.



Raubfisch is an engine derived from Stockfish and Torpedo 1.1 XJR (private engine by AMENOPHIS). This release includes the Self Learning function.





Actual versions: Raubfisch X41c1_(sl), Raubfisch GTZ20c1_(sl).


Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.



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23/05/19 poll average vote: 8.5.



X serie single processor benchmark:




GTZ serie single processor benchmark: