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Raubfisch: Updated August, 16 2019



Only for Windows.



Raubfisch is an engine derived from Stockfish and Torpedo 1.1 XJR (private engine by AMENOPHIS). This release includes the Self Learning function.

This could be one of the last distributions of Raubfisch I host on my website. The reasons are the bad performances of the last tournament vs Sugar-NN and, most of all, the program creates a ton of dirt files in the same folder where it resides, that goes against my philosophy, letting apart the GPL license issues... If I won't see in the next editions a correction like the one I did with Sugar-NN I will stop to distribute Raubfisch.





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23/05/19 poll average vote: 8.5.



Actual versions: Raubfisch X41b2_(sl), Raubfisch GTZ20b2_(sl).


Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.



X serie single processor benchmark:




GTZ serie single processor benchmark: