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Free chess mobile apps for your phone:


Updated January, 4 2019. A special thank to Deiby L. for making me know the Javiolo's apps.



Chess engines:


Want to have the strongest engines for your Android device?

Use the Javiolo's engines. These chess programs are faster, newer and stronger than the ones in the original Droidfish. I have tested them and they are awesome.

Install these apps and use them in Droidfish:




Stockfish Chess Engine (OEX)

Google Play Store


This is the latest beta Stockfish for modern Android systems (read as 64bit).



stockfish old devices

Stockfish Chess Engine nopie

Google Play Store


This is the latest beta Stockfish for old Android systems (up to 4.4, 32bit Android).



Cfish for Android

Cfish (Stockfish) Chess Engine (OEX)

Google Play Store


This is Cfish for Android.



Other free chess engines for Android

Other (Stockfish) Engines (OEX)

Google Play Store


This is a collection of other less famous chess engines for Android based on Stockfish: Aristides 20171222, BrainFish 20180423, Cfish 20180418, CiChess 20171107, Corchess 20180425, McBrain 20180210, Nayeem 20170115, SugaR 20180424.




Complete chess programs:


If you want to get the best app for your Android smartphone/tablet you must download Droidfish, by Peter Ă–sterlund. This app combines the strength of Stockfish 9 with the ease of use of a handling device. You can play against a Grand Master laying down on your couch or sit on your train place. With the Analyze mode you can also check your games and see where you made a mistake.

The current version of the application has issues with Polyglot (BIN) books: it doesn't read properly the percentage of the variants at the start, with CTG books there isn't any issue instead.


Download it on Google Play Store


You can also buy my opening book to get extreme performances, as long as installing the 3-4-5 pieces Syzygy tablebases.



Chess Engines Play Analysis

Chess Engines Play Analysis

Google Play Store


With this marvellous tool by Javiolo you can make challenging engine vs engine in tournaments. You can also use Polyglot (.bin) books and save the games in PGN.