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CF_EXT: Updated January, 8 2021.

For Windows and Linux, NO ANDROID OR MACOS!



 - Updated to "WeakUnopposed penalty for backwards on file A or H"

 - Fix pgo build on MacOS

 - Use stroull() to read Limits.nodes.


Windows compiles by Chessman, Linux compiles by me on Linux Mint.





CF_EXT (Cfish Extended) is a very strong expansion of Cfish created by Chessman. It implements many more functions and it differs from Cfish for having the contempt active and set to 24.

This chess engine is actually at the first place in many tournaments.

New functions: Razoring, Futility, Pruning, NullMove, ProbCut, LMR, LazyThreshold, Wide Search. All these functions are enabled by default except for Wide Search.

Remember to use this program in association with the nnue file inside the package in the same folder.

Maximize the CF_EXT strength by using my opening book Goi.