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LIVE: What's the strongest chess engine, December 2018 - Match #1:

   Fritz 16 vs Komodo 12.2


Time used: 5 minutes per player. Opening book used: Chessbase PowerBook 2019.







My vision is to allow anyone around the world to play chess with computers and to have great software without spending a coin. Here you can find: engines (also known as "programs"), tablebases for endings, complete graphical interfaces and software for your mobile phone. In this page you will find the strongest chess programs ever existed for free. Any of these features was previously tested and used by me.




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This website had a great success especially for two persons (except me, of course), two Masters of chessprogramming and chess affictionados: Mr. Lyudmil Antonov and Mr. Thomas Zipproth; without them this website wouldn't have ever been maybe under the limelight. I want to thank also my father Giuseppe Goi who started me to everything (chess, computers since the Eighties) and my mom for always giving me financial support. I will be eternally grateful to these persons.

And I thank, of course, all the people of ALL the world using this website: United States, Russia, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, United Kingdom, Philippines, Poland, Netherlands, Egypt, South Africa, Canada, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece, Mexico, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, Israel, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Finland, Slovakia, Peru, Austria, Belarus, Algeria, Iran, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Japan, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Denmark, Venezuela, Australia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Chile, Hong Kong, Norway, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Slovenia, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Iraq, Qatar, Paraguay, Luxembourg, Estonia, Ghana, Lithuania, El Salvador, Madagascar, Ecuador, Jordan, Albania, South Korea, Cuba, Uruguay, Georgia, Yemen, Somalia, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Vietnam, Armenia, Thailand, Syria, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Zambia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jamaica, Moldova, Ireland, Palestinian Territory, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Mauritius, Iceland, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Botswana, Bhutan, Nepal, Latvia, Senegal, Honduras, Montenegro, Dominican Republic, Libya, Bahrain, Kenya, Cambodia, Myanmar, Barbados, Malta.



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