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If you are a chess Grand Master, or even a simple club chess player, and you want to know where you made a mistake in a game or where your weak spots are, I can show you: analyzing your games I send you them back analyzed and commented games with Chessbase 14 with the help of the most recent, powerful and precise chess engines. You won't be dissatisfied.




Engines used:

asmFish, Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, DeepShredder, your choice. You can also ask me to analyze your games with more than one engines, the price will not change.

In example: 1 game analyzed with 5 engines, you'll get back a CBH and/or PGN archive with 5 differently analyzed and commented games.



1 game 1$
3 games 1.2$, 1.5$ if slow analysis
5 games 1.5$, 2$ if slow analysis
10 games 2$, 4$ if slow analysis
20 games 3$, 6$ if slow analysis
40 games 5$, 10$ if slow analysis


You can choose the way you send me the games as you prefere: via e-mail, link, file mirror et cetera. Once you've made the donation I will contact you to the e-mail associated to PayPal.







Currently the server is OFF.


I am renting my server computer through the Chessbase clouding system, you can use it with the Chessbase softwares, such as Chessbase or any last generation chess program made by the company (Fritz 15 , Deep Fritz 14, Chessbase Komodo 10, Chessbase Komodo Chess 11, Chessbase Houdini 4, Chessbase Houdini 5, Chessbase Houdini 6, Chessbase Deep Rybka 4 in example), using Ducats as way to pay.

At this moment I am #38 on 100 of the most experienced chess servers providers on the Chessbase clouding service.

The rating to use my computer in remote goes from free to 0.05 Ducats per minute (clouding server nicknamed maxath)

For more information see

Currently I'm running the following chess softwares: asmFishW_2017-10-20, Komodo 11.2.2, StockFish 8, Houdini 6.02 Pro, if you have a particular engine request, please tell me on the Guestbook page.


Technical details of my server computer:


  • CPU Intel I7-4771 Quad-core with hyperthread,
  • 32 GB DDR3 RAM Ripjaws
  • Windows 8.1 installed on a Samsung 512 GB SSD (Solid State Disk)
  • Chess interface: Fritz 15,
  • Hash table: 4-16 GB
  • Threads used: 4 or 8 in hyperthreading
  • Chessbase PowerBook 2017 opening book enhanced with the learning of the Chessbase MegaDatabase 2017
  • Full 6 pieces (6 MAN) Syzygy with both DTZ and WDL (50 moves probe rule) for faster and more precise ending analysis.



I usually run the engine hyperthreaded because of the greater performance I've noticed during a lot of tests I've made (deepest analisys level, greater number of kylonodes per second). The advantage to use my server is getting great analysis in a few more time but not spendin su much as with the Xeon servers.

The Syzygy tablebases are the most modern database resource for the engine to pick up analogue ending positions without having to calculate, so the analysis is faster, more precise and deeper. I've installed them in a very, very fast device: the Solid State Disk hard drive. Their weight is 150 Gygabytes and they include the WDL part, made to avoid the repetition of the 50 moves that brings to a draw.