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Name: Massimiliano Goi
Date: 16/06/18 Hour: 03:06:32

Hello Gary, I will satisfy your request as soon as I can. I had to hide your e-mail address otherwise the Internet crawler bots would get it and you'll end up full of spam e-mails.

Name: gary(mr tumble)
Date: 15/06/18 Hour: 19:12:07

could you please take the time to make video about how to turn losing move (book goes negative)into better move using infinite analysis in fritz 15 regards gary

Name: gary
Date: 15/06/18 Hour: 15:53:14

Hi Massimiliano i know you are very busy(making strong engine opening books) when you get a spare moment do you think you could make a video for me, showing how to change a losing move going negative in opening book into a stronger move using infinite analysis in fritz 15 regards gary email- yyyyyy@yyy.yyy

Name: Massimiliano Goi
Date: 22/04/18 Hour: 10:35:39

Thank you very much Martin! Everyone in any part of the world can come here and grab the strongest chess programs for free, as long as the free interface Arena to use them.

Name: MartinWalia
Date: 22/04/18 Hour: 01:01:26

Hellow my name is MartinWalia. Wery good article! Thx :)

Name: alialwayli
Date: 24/03/18 Hour: 08:01:51


Name: Georg Meier
Date: 22/07/17 Hour: 12:54:35

Massimiliano is a kind man! I´m happy to have his help. Best wishes, GM Georg Meier

Name: Massimiliano Goi
Date: 13/12/16 Hour: 08:01:53

Thank you, Alexander. In facts my server provides the latest and strongest resources for the computer chess world (at this day): Stockfish 8, Komodo 10.2 and Houdini 5.01. The opening PowerBook 2017 is teached with MegaDatabase 2017. All is inside a SSD disk. An appropriate settings for any grand master wanting to work on his/her games without spending alot.

Name: Alexander
Date: 12/12/16 Hour: 19:37:00

It's a very good one to use. Has the full stuff inside - TB and PowerBook 17