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Name: Alexander
Date: 12/12/16 Hour: 19:37:00

It's a very good one to use. Has the full stuff inside - TB and PowerBook 17

Name: Massimiliano Goi
Date: 13/12/16 Hour: 08:01:53

Thank you, Alexander. In facts my server provides the latest and strongest resources for the computer chess world (at this day): Stockfish 8, Komodo 10.2 and Houdini 5.01. The opening PowerBook 2017 is teached with MegaDatabase 2017. All is inside a SSD disk. An appropriate settings for any grand master wanting to work on his/her games without spending alot.

Name: Milad
Date: 09/05/17 Hour: 01:10:36

Brainfish vs Houdini (strongest version) 100 games time control 1 min 0 increment

Name: Georg Meier
Date: 22/07/17 Hour: 12:54:35

Massimiliano is a kind man! I´m happy to have his help. Best wishes, GM Georg Meier

Name: Andrew
Date: 09/02/18 Hour: 09:51:50

Hi Mr Goi, I think you should have more benchmarks test of your latest books.

Name: Massimiliano Goi
Date: 14/02/18 Hour: 15:18:09

Hello Andrew, actually the 3.2 bin version is being tested by Sedat Canbaz and I am busy with the release number 4.