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BrainFish: Updated July, 9 2018

This program features also an executable for 32bit operating systems.


Brainfish one of the strongest Stockfish-based chess engines available, extended by the general polyglot book format (.bin). It was created and it's maintained by Doctor Thomas Zipproth ( There are some extensions in the Book Code for handling repetitions. In BrainFish the Book moves are only used in engine games, not in analysis mode. That means when BrainFish is playing moves which are in the Cerebellum book, it plays like StockFish regarding the evaluation, only at a much higher skill level. Pondering is only active after the last move out of the book has been played.


Maximize its strength by using my opening book Goi.




BrainFish C++ source code.


Brainfish standard single processor benchmark: