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Goi opening book version 4.4 Competition Edition:







June, 21 2018: the update n.2 of the Polyglot book (bin) is out. Surprisingly enough it has the same size than the update 1. The next days there will be an update also for the ctg version.


Built using asmFish, BrainFish, Stockfish 9 and CFish on very powerful high-end rented servers, Goi 4.4 update 1 contains 8606049 positions, from the very beginning until sometimes the ending of the game. In average you will reach 30-40 moves from the start (that is 60-80 plies).

Supported engines: Komodo, Houdini, Brainfish, CFish, asmFish, Raubfisch, Toltec, SugaR XPrO. It works also on Android with Droidfish. You will find below the instructions on how to use a Polyglot book (BIN) with the mentioned engines.


Click here for benchmarks. (Latest benchmark: June, 21 2018)



You can buy the Goi opening book even if you don't have a Paypal account: you will be redirected to the Paypal webframe interface, just use your normal (or virtual, best advice for internet) credit card. If you are unsure read this article: How to buy on Paypal without creating an account.

--> Delivery time: 1 minute - 8 hours, depending whether I am at my computer or not, please don't push me emailing when you've made the purchase: your order will be processed. <--




goi 4.4 BIN format (updated): size 131 MB, price 13$.




goi 4.4 CTG format (updated): size 134 MB, price 13$.




Combo package: goi 4.4 BIN + goi 4.4 CTG, price 24$.







Annual subscription: price 90$.


With this option you will get updates for a whole entire year starting by the day you make the payment.

I make in average two products per month (BIN and CTG) at the average price of 13$ for each, so it would be 13$ x 2 x 12 months = 312$, that's a big saving! Anyway I warmly advice to get this option after you have tried a few times my books and you're satisfied with.






Goi opening books collection package: size 1.92 GB, price 60$.


This is the collectors' choice, I didn't expect it would have such success.

What you'll get with this package:

- goi.bin (version 1)

- goi_competitions_edition.bin
- goi_light_edition.bin (version 2)

- goi.bin (version 2.1)

- goi2.2.bin (version 2.2)

- goi2.3.bin (version 2.3)

- goi3.bin (version 3)

- goi 3.1 abk
- goi 3.1 ctg
- goi 3.1 bin (version 3.1)

- goi 3.2 bin
- goi 3.2 ctg (version 3.2)

- goi 4 ctg
- goi 4 bin (version 4)

- goi 4.1 bin
- goi 4.1 ctg (version 4.1)

- goi 4.2 bin
- goi 4.2 ctg (version 4.2)

- goi 4.3 bin, goi 4.3.1 bin
- goi 4.3.1 ctg (version 4.3.1)

- goi 4.4 bin
- goi 4.4 ctg (version 4.4)






How to install the BIN format on Chessbase softwares:



Tick 'OwnBook' and enter the full path of the file followed by its name plus its extension.
As example: the bin file is in the folder C:\Users\Bob\Documents\ChessBase\Books → you will have to enter the string C:\Users\Bob\Documents\ChessBase\Books\goi3.2.bin

Set the maximum possible of 'BookDepth' (if I recall correctly asmFish has 100, while Brainfish 255).



How to install the BIN format on the Arena GUI interface:





How to install the CTG format on Chessbase softwares:


Place the goi3.2.ctb, goi3.2.ctg and goi3.2.cto files into the same directory, then start your Chessbase program, such as Fritz and use what listed below on the 'Advanced' settings of the engine:

- Tick the Tournament book box

- Set Minimum games to 1

- Set Variety of play to the minimum (10 by now)

- Set Influence of learn value to the maximum (100 by now)

- Set Learning strength to the maximum (500 by now)


See the picture below:


ctg best settings




Openings and variants included in the book, sorted by the ECO index:


Tartakowers Flank Opening, Basman, Saragossa, Anderssen, Mieses Opening, French Attack, Grob's Attack, King's Indian Attack, Sleipner, Sokolsky Opening, Larsen Opening, Bird Opening, Queen's Fianchetto, Double Bird, King's Fianchetto, Sicilian-Bird, From's Gambit, Indo Bird, Dutch Attack, Leningrad Attack, Stonewall Attack, Grunfeld Indian Attack, Reti Opening, Accepted Reti, Benoni with White, Queen's Indian Attack, Reti-Slav, Unusual 3nd White, Mikenas - System, English, English Four Knights, Symmetrical English, Hedgehog, St. George/Basman, Owens Defence, Nimzowitsch, Scandinavian Defence, Modern Defence, Alekhine's Defence, Alekhine's Defence Chase Variation, Alekhine's Defence Modern Variation, Robatsch Modern Defence, Pirc Defence, Pirc Defence Czech Variation, Pirc Defence Fianchetto Variation, Pirc Defence Classical Variation, Pirc Defence Austrian Attack, Caro-Kann, Caro-Kann Exchange Variation, Caro-Kann Panov Variation, Caro-Kann Main Line, Caro-Kann Larsen-Bronstein, Caro-Kann Nimzowitsch, Caro-Kann Classical Variation, French Defense, French Defense Exchange Variation, French Defense Advance Variation, French Defense Tarrasch Variation, French Defense Classical Variation, French Defense Burn Variation, French Defense Classical Main Line, King's Gambit, King's Knight Games, The Petroff Defence, The Scotch Game, Three Knights Game, Spanish Four Knight Game, Giuoco Pianissimo, Closed Defence, The Classical Polerio Variation, Spanish (Ruy Lopez), Spanish Schliemann Variation, Spanish Classical Variation, Spanish Exchange Variation, Open Spanish, Closed Spanish, Spanish Main Line, Spanish Modern Chigorin Defence, Sicilian, Sicilian Grand Prix Attack, Sicilian Morra Gambit, Sicilian Alapin Variation, The Closed Sicilian, Sicilian Vinken Variation, Sicilian Spassky, Sicilian Classical Variation, Sicilian Rossolimo, Sicilian Accellerated Dragon, Sicilian Maroczy Bind, Sicilian Pelican Sveshnikov, Kan Variation, Taimanov, Dutch Defence, Dutch Defence Staunton Gambit, Dutch Defence Rubinstein, Dutch Defence Leningrad Variation, Moscow Variation, Sozin, Boleslavsky, Richter/Rauzer, The Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, Scheveningen, Keres Attack, Najdorf, Englung Gambit, Polish Defence, Nimzowitsch, French Indian, Tartakower System, Benoni, Blacmar-Diemer Gambit, Trompowsky Attack, Queen's Knight Opening, King's Knight's Openings, Queen's Bishop Openings, Torre System, Colle System, Queen's Gambit, The Slav, Queen's Gambit Accepted, Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch Defence, Ragozin Variation, Semi-Tarrasch, Semi-Slav, Orthodox Variation, Indian Opening, Indian Opening Trompowsky Attack, Dory Opening, Old Indian Knight Game, Indian Knight Game, Queen's Indian Knight Game, King's Indian Knight Game, Torre Attack, London System, Fianchetto Variation, Budapest Gambit, Old Indian, Modern Benoni, Blumenfeld Gambit, Bogo-Indian, Nimzo-Indian, Neo-Saemisch, Kasparov Variation, Three Knights Variation, Spielmann, Saemisch Variation, Leningrad Variation, Alekhime/Euwe/Botvinnik, Zurich Variation, Noa Variation, Pirc Variation, Rubinstein Variation, Taimanov Variation, Huebner Variation, Grunfeld Defence, Russian System Accellerated, Smyslov's System, Full Center Satup, Accellerated Averbakh, The Kramer System, Makagonov System, Panno Variation






Chess engines:



Message for newbies: in order to use these chess program you must use an interface like Arena below or Fritz.


What is the 2018 strongest chess engine? June tournament


Download here the games in multiple archives (PGN and Chessbase).



asmFish: Updated June, 16 2018

- Changelog: Simplify condition in space definition bench 5351765.


Based on a work of Mohammed Li, it was continued by Lyudmil Antonov. Includes: armfish, that is asmFish for Android (only 64 bit Androids, unluckily, so the newest ones), asmFish base version for standard CPUs, and the program mateFish. Supported platforms (all 64 bit): Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android. The standard version should work on 32-bit system too. Someone would be so kind to let me know it? Write me in the Contacts section.




Lyudmil Antonov's GitHub page.




BrainFish: Updated June, 16 2018

This program features also an executable for 32bit operating systems.


Brainfish is a standard Stockfish chess engine extended by the general polyglot book format. There are some extensions in the Book Code for handling repetitions. In BrainFish the Book moves are only used in engine games, not in analysis mode. That means when BrainFish is playing moves which are in the Cerebellum book, it plays like StockFish regarding the evaluation, only at a much higher skill level. Pondering is only active after the last move out of the book has been played.


You will need a software like 7Zip or WinRAR to extract the archive.




BrainFish C++ source code.




Stockfish 9: Updated February, 18 2018


The official Stockfish 9 releases. Versions for Windows (32bit, 64bit, modern computers, Haswell CPUs also known as BMI2) and Linux (64bit, modern computers and Haswell CPUs), MacOS and Android (32bit, 64bit).


Stockfish 9


Stockfish GitHub page.






If you want to get the best app for your Android smartphone/tablet you must download Droidfish, by Peter Österlund. This app combines the strength of the new Stockfish 9 with the ease of use of a handling device. You can play against a Grand Master laying down on your couch or sit on your train place. With the Analyze mode you can also check your games and see where you made a mistake.


Download it on Google Play Store


You can also buy my opening book to get extreme performances, as long as installing the 3-4-5 pieces Syzygy tablebases.




Syzygy tablebases for ending games:


Syzygy tablebases are the latest and most reliable resource to enhance the speed and the computing precision of the endgames. In order to use them you must have a recent Chessbase chess program, the Droidfish app for android pr the free Arena GUI.
These databases are subdivided in two parts: the Syzygy for game endings up to 5 pieces, sized circa 1 GB, and the Syzygy for 6 pieces, subdivided in WDL (the main part, size 68.3 GB) and DTZ (checking the 50 moves rule, size 81.9 GB); total 150 GB.
EVERY tablebases, whether is the 3-4-5 pieces or the 6 pieces, must be run on a VERY FAST storage, like an SSD drive or an USB pen. The essential one is the 3-4-5 pieces database, so you can just buy an USB pen if you don't want or can't spend money to buy an expensive device like an SSD drive.
The fundamental part, both for mobiles and PCS is the 3-4-5 archive (direct link below), because of its relative light size it can be hosted on a clouding storage or even a website. Different facts are for the 6 MAN Syzygy (6 MAN = 6 pieces DTZ + WDL), being sized 150 GB you must download it by installing a torrent client (be aware of the unwanted programs they are asking at the installation process). The one I feel to suggest is Bittorrent.


Download: 3-4-5 pieces. <- Direct link



Download: 6 pieces (extract the torrent files from the zip archive then use a torrent software to download the tablebases).


Installation instruction:




Arena free chessboard:




Want to get a FREE chessboard after having downloaded a FREE, powerful chess engine above? Download Arena, it comes also with its own engines (weaker than asmFish, naturally), its own opening book (weaker than mine but good) and its own endings database. It's a marvellous complete tool for anyone wanting to play and study chess without to spend a coin. You can also use asmFish with it, of course. Multiplatform, for Windows and Linux.
In order to get this beautiful software you have to go on their website, link below.

-->>Click here to go to the Arena homepage<<--






This website had a great success especially for two persons (except me, of course), two Masters of chessprogramming and chess affictionados: Mr. Lyudmil Antonov and Mr. Thomas Zipproth; without them this website wouldn't have ever been maybe under the limelight. I want to thank also my father Giuseppe Goi who started me to everything (chess, computers since the Eighties) and my mom for always giving me financial support. I will be eternally grateful to these persons.

And I thank, of course, all the people of ALL the world using this website: United States, Russia, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, United Kingdom, Philippines, Poland, Netherlands, Egypt, South Africa, Canada, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece, Mexico, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, Israel, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Finland, Slovakia, Peru, Austria, Belarus, Algeria, Iran, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Japan, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Denmark, Venezuela, Australia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Chile, Hong Kong, Norway, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Slovenia, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Iraq, Qatar, Paraguay, Luxembourg, Estonia, Ghana, Lithuania, El Salvador, Madagascar, Ecuador, Jordan, Albania, South Korea, Cuba, Uruguay, Georgia, Yemen, Somalia, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Vietnam, Armenia, Thailand, Syria, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Zambia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jamaica, Moldova, Ireland, Palestinian Territory, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Mauritius, Iceland, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Botswana, Bhutan, Nepal, Latvia, Senegal, Honduras, Montenegro, Dominican Republic, Libya, Bahrain, Kenya, Cambodia, Myanmar, Barbados, Malta.


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